Save the Date for Your Girls' Ministry January 19, 2018!

Country music superstar Liam Page left his bride Josie at the altar to pursue fame and fortune. Liam never got over Josie or his small town Southern roots. The big test came when he faced the consequences of his actions as he returned to his hometown for the funeral of his best high school friend.

This well-made inspirational film will especially appeal to the preteen and teenaged girls in your ministry. Girls will be encouraged to be discerning in their relationships: to be strong and to not allow themselves to be used by guys who then ask for forgiveness so that they can use them again. Josie's struggle to forgive Liam while not ignoring the hurt and damage he caused is a virtue that you want to foster in all your female students.

Because of these unavoidable issues the girls in your ministry have faced or will face, we are inviting you to use the FOREVER MY GIRL resources in your ministry January-February 2018.

All we ask is that you let us know you are willing to use the movie in your youth groups, and we will equip you with the free FOREVER MY GIRL Youthworker Guide resources to get your kids ready to experience the movie at the January 19, 2018 opening.

All you have to do is click here!


The FOREVER MY GIRL Youthworker Guide is a 3 session resource including leader guide and student guides along with clips from the FOREVER MY GIRL movie.